Monday, July 12, 2010

` Seriously Funny : Kevin Hart

Heyyy . so last night Kevin Hart's Seriously Funny premiered ;; Kevin Hart is hilarious !! if you didn't catch it make sure you tune into Comedy Central !!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

` Hot new albums

Hey there .. so since I've been m.i.a. some artists have obviously released albums! We aren't going to backtrack but we will discuss the recent album releases !! Okay so my personal faveeee is Thank Me Later by none other than Drizzy Drake ; I listened to the whole album and at the end had an epiphany .. sadly to say this is the only album that i have listened to and didn't skip through! Thank Me Later succeeded in keeping it's listeners attention throughout the entire cd .. Drake es numero uno on my list right now .. let me know what you think and if you haven't bought Thank Me Later buy it now!! and if you wanna preview first click here.

Here are some more recently dropped albums check `em outttttttttt!
 -- ps click on album name to preview!

Toni Braxton - Pulse
Trina - Amazin
Eminem - Recovery

Saturday, July 10, 2010

` blowing the dust off ?

.. I sat here contemplating what , how i should start this blog .. my account had been suspended for nearly a year and out of curiosity i wrote to google officials and inquired why? ..they responded with " sorry , an error occured " i mean of course it was my fault for waiting and not doing this at jump street ..buhhh dang.. my last post was on November 25 .. so instead of being able to celebrate all the wonderful blogger milestones i guess i gotta take it back ; guess its time to blow the dust off this blog and get back to work.. I would love if you guys would give me another chance because at the end of the day my -Fresh Followers*; make this blog ; thank you.