Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life after season one..

You guys may have heard about Monica "Danger" Leon having her baby.. if you don't know who that is check out season one " For the love of ray j " For a min. people were suspectin' that the baby was ray j's and he tried to milk from that last thurs. on live with Andy Cohen via skype saying " somethings did happen but you have to deal with what's in front of you " he know dern well that ain't his baby.. just trying to get those high ratings for season two... you can watch the rest of the interview here buhh back to the story so.. danger had her baby Mayara Cannon.. Danger has also already confirmed that Gabriel Cannon [ Nick Cannon's brother / Monica's Fiance ] is her baby's daddy.. so sorry ray j ..

Happy Halloween!!!

I know I've been gone once again buhh this time my reason is legit.. i was sick .. buhh I'm back.. so anyways HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Speaking of Halloween Kandi tweeted this pic of her and her and her co-stars at a Halloween party.. I think we all know Kim wasn't tardy :) [ i thought it was funny.. ] I wonder where NeNe was unless the reconciliation that they desperately tried to prove was official was just for the cameras.. hmm.. did yall catch that reunion show?? I agree with Kandi on the fact that it was boring as far as them not answering the questions... make sure you tune in next thurs. to see Kim perform her "hit" single Tardy for the party ....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Signed on the dotted line ...

Tmz reported that the status of the Raymonds' divorce has been changed to disposed which typically means they are officially divorced buhh.. don't get happy too fast .. Apparently Tameka's Lawyers are saying that they are still married .. This isn't going to get prettier ..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dead or Alive ?

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard that Kanye West was killed in a car accident earlier today ... some of you may have also heard that this was just a rumor .. Thank god it was just a rumor buhh then again who would do something so heartless .. haha get it ? oh okay. i just thought it was funn.. never mind .. buhh seriously?? I realize that some people really don't like Kanye because of the way he chooses to live his life buhh that's just it it's his life your entitled to your own opinion and you don't have to like him buhh when you start rumors about his well being.. really? buhhh i guess as long as he is alright i guess it's all good considering his wifey Amber Rose had her boo's back this is what she had to say : "This RIPKanyeWest topic is not funny and its NOT TRUE! He has people like myself and his family that love him very much, its in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It’s totally disrespectful to make up a story like this where all human and we all make mistakes and to say someone died cuz of a mistake is ridiculous. U wouldn’t want someone to say that about u Or someone u love it’s not funny. @LongLiveYeezy!!!!” I guess she told them :/

Friday, October 16, 2009

It will all get better in time.. possibly?


So if you haven't heard by now.. While Leona Lewis was at a book signing some pshyco who was later named Peter Kowalczyk punched her in the face after she finished signing his book.. really when I heard about this I was shocked because Leona [seems] so nice and overall a really kind person .. turns out this creep stood in line for 5 hours to punch her because he lost on " The X-Factor " [ the British equivalent of American Idol ]

This is what she had to say about the incident:

Thank you so much for your support, it is truly overwhelming. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a horrible shock and left me extremely hurt and upset. I’m very sorry to those I wasn’t able to meet at the signing. Thank you again for all of the lovely messages. Love you all.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is truely it..

Michael Jacksons self explanitory song has been leaked... I still kinda can't believe he's gone buhh.. reality is starting to set in what almost 5 months later?? Buhh I think this is it... So what do you think about the song.. Lovin it or Not so much??? If you wanna hear the full version you can find it at

Check Out The Song :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He wanna sign them papers!!!

Sup Guys?? So I just heard this song by usher lol please listen to it ... hilarious. He talks about how he almost lost his mom and turned into a man that he never thought he'd be and i guess just his marrige overall [ sad :( ] ... buhh its catchy lolol so check it out!!!

Click Here

Update - Really?

This is truely ridiculous .. check out the vid for more details on the death of Aj..

Monday, October 5, 2009

This dude right here.

Okay so I KNOW you guys have heard about Jon and Kate buhh I was watching E! I believe and why they were saying that Jon told Kate that he messed up and he wants to be with her and all this other non sense ... After he has slept with whatever and done god knows what then he wanna come back ... Are you serious?? They changed the name of the show to Kate plus 8 buhh Jon isn't feeling that so idk whats going on there.. Ohhh this is the topper.. so why he emptied their joint bank account and left her with 1,000.00 ... with 8 kids ???? Something is definitely wrong with his train of thought buhh he need to get back on track ... smh..

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey guys it's been a min. buhh lets get back to the subject.. okay so i found out this info via text message and thought it was a lie. ugh I wish it was , so as many of you know Ashley Jewell aka Aj [ Kandi Burruss' ex-fiance ] died after an altercation took place out side of an Atlanta strip club called " Body Tap " . Obviously you can't tell when people are going to die buhh he just didn't seem like he would die so soon.. I was just watching TRHA and I would have never guessed.. buhh we all have to go sometime :( .. It's good that they decided not to get married that would have been horrible.. If you didn't know already Kandi and Aj called off their engagement in August buhh " decided to remain good friends " according to Kandi .. Well I guess mother always knows best.. Because she didn't even approve of him at first.. This was also very sad because Kandi had just experienced the death of her uncle Ralph.. This is what she had to say : "I had spoken to A.J. two hours before I got the call that he was in the hospital. Never in a thousand years did I think it was going to be the last time I heard his voice. He was taken way too soon. There are so many things that I should have said to him, wanted to say to him ... But now it's too late."

Before you start yelling..

I know, I know, I know... I'm sorry that I've abandoned you. Hopefully you will forgive me :) I just wanted to take a moment and say I'm sorry and thank you guys for not leaving me buhh I'm back!!!!