Monday, July 12, 2010

` Seriously Funny : Kevin Hart

Heyyy . so last night Kevin Hart's Seriously Funny premiered ;; Kevin Hart is hilarious !! if you didn't catch it make sure you tune into Comedy Central !!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

` Hot new albums

Hey there .. so since I've been m.i.a. some artists have obviously released albums! We aren't going to backtrack but we will discuss the recent album releases !! Okay so my personal faveeee is Thank Me Later by none other than Drizzy Drake ; I listened to the whole album and at the end had an epiphany .. sadly to say this is the only album that i have listened to and didn't skip through! Thank Me Later succeeded in keeping it's listeners attention throughout the entire cd .. Drake es numero uno on my list right now .. let me know what you think and if you haven't bought Thank Me Later buy it now!! and if you wanna preview first click here.

Here are some more recently dropped albums check `em outttttttttt!
 -- ps click on album name to preview!

Toni Braxton - Pulse
Trina - Amazin
Eminem - Recovery

Saturday, July 10, 2010

` blowing the dust off ?

.. I sat here contemplating what , how i should start this blog .. my account had been suspended for nearly a year and out of curiosity i wrote to google officials and inquired why? ..they responded with " sorry , an error occured " i mean of course it was my fault for waiting and not doing this at jump street ..buhhh dang.. my last post was on November 25 .. so instead of being able to celebrate all the wonderful blogger milestones i guess i gotta take it back ; guess its time to blow the dust off this blog and get back to work.. I would love if you guys would give me another chance because at the end of the day my -Fresh Followers*; make this blog ; thank you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad Boys for life???

Heyy Guys!! .. So Day 26 is no longer with Bad Boy but they are still cool with diddy .. They haved moved over to atlantic records and apperently are now trying to be taken a little more seriously ..

"We really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music, a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we’re all about, that we do our thing whether its on stage, in the studio, writing and producing — we do it all."

Congrats? and good luck guys!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prisoner of Bad Publicity???

Heyy!!! So apperently Donnie Klang .. you remember him right??? Okay just checkin.. He has a new single called " Prisoner of Love " and the video has also premired.. hmm.. did you hear bout this?? I didn't maybe I live under a rock buhh .. it sounds pretty good.. check out the video below...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


WOW... Gucci is back in jail. Apperently he was in violation of his parole.. he may do anywhere from 6 to 12 months... guess his music spree is over..

" Sources close to the Atlanta rapper say Gucci attended a court hearing earlier today to determine whether or not he’d have to serve time for an unspecified infraction that violated the conditions of his probation. He was sentenced to 12 months, but could end up serving only six with good behavior. "

Really Miley??

Hey!! So when I saw this i was like " did she really just say that?? "So in this video Miley Cyrus was being interviewed and when asked about party in the usa [ which is okay.. sounds diff. then what she usually sings. ] she said that " she just needed something [ a song ] to go with her clothing line and that she didn't think it would become that popular.. hmm. this is interesting she also reveals that she had no part in the writing process.. and when asked what her favorite jay z song was she said " I've never heard any of his songs .. I don't listen to pop music.. " REALLY?? You have never heard a jay z song? 2. Jay's music is hip hop and 3. how don't you listen to it you sing pop/country.. wow. that's all I have to say watch the vid below... skip to 2:54ish.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hey guys .. Many of you know that Kat Williams was arrested for bugulary .. yeah. buhh he has been released and this is what he had to say ..

and if you think that is funny look at this...

he may be telling the truth who knows.. what do you guys think?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot Mess...

Frankie in court.. say no more. watch it for yourself..

Double Take..

Can you guess who this is?? Need help?? Buckeey from season two of "Flavor of Love". Liking her new style?? Seems she has found a new occupation as a promotions business owner .. and is going with more of a sophisticated look.. whatcha think??

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life after season one..

You guys may have heard about Monica "Danger" Leon having her baby.. if you don't know who that is check out season one " For the love of ray j " For a min. people were suspectin' that the baby was ray j's and he tried to milk from that last thurs. on live with Andy Cohen via skype saying " somethings did happen but you have to deal with what's in front of you " he know dern well that ain't his baby.. just trying to get those high ratings for season two... you can watch the rest of the interview here buhh back to the story so.. danger had her baby Mayara Cannon.. Danger has also already confirmed that Gabriel Cannon [ Nick Cannon's brother / Monica's Fiance ] is her baby's daddy.. so sorry ray j ..

Happy Halloween!!!

I know I've been gone once again buhh this time my reason is legit.. i was sick .. buhh I'm back.. so anyways HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Speaking of Halloween Kandi tweeted this pic of her and her and her co-stars at a Halloween party.. I think we all know Kim wasn't tardy :) [ i thought it was funny.. ] I wonder where NeNe was unless the reconciliation that they desperately tried to prove was official was just for the cameras.. hmm.. did yall catch that reunion show?? I agree with Kandi on the fact that it was boring as far as them not answering the questions... make sure you tune in next thurs. to see Kim perform her "hit" single Tardy for the party ....