Thursday, November 12, 2009

Really Miley??

Hey!! So when I saw this i was like " did she really just say that?? "So in this video Miley Cyrus was being interviewed and when asked about party in the usa [ which is okay.. sounds diff. then what she usually sings. ] she said that " she just needed something [ a song ] to go with her clothing line and that she didn't think it would become that popular.. hmm. this is interesting she also reveals that she had no part in the writing process.. and when asked what her favorite jay z song was she said " I've never heard any of his songs .. I don't listen to pop music.. " REALLY?? You have never heard a jay z song? 2. Jay's music is hip hop and 3. how don't you listen to it you sing pop/country.. wow. that's all I have to say watch the vid below... skip to 2:54ish.

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Anonymous said...

.....she said she doesnt like pop music? wtf brittany is pop music. and if she tries to cover janis joplin her voice gone crack.