Tuesday, June 30, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

So as you all know..[ hopefully ] Michael Jackson passed away at the "young" age of fifty Thursday after noon. Since his departure tv stations, radio stations, and fans have set out to commemorate him in many major ways.

  • 24 hour [ some longer ] tributes tv and radio
  • crowds out side of the ucla hospital
  • crowds around his star on the hollywood walk of fame

The List Goes on and on....

looking at some comments online some people seem to think that people are doing "too" much for the king of pop. some people also seem to be referring to him as the "kiddie fiddler" or something like that which i don't agree with but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion if they weren't we wouldn't be a democracy. but are they going to far?? me personally i think as "cliché-ish" as this may sound Michael was an inspiration for all types of music he also gave back to the less fortunate and once again the list could go for miles.. but my point is to talk about that man in that way was blaintenly disrespectful. and if no respect for him at least have some for his grieving family. Other comments that i saw were saying my prayers go out to the family except for Joe Jackson.. What??? that right there is just ridiculous and completely outrageous.

What Next????

  • Ticket refunds on the "this is it" concert will take quite some time due to legal matters.
  • Katherine Jackson is going to take care of michael's children
  • We probably will be hearing about michael for the next two weeks so all who don't like it

read this: "If you can't beat em' join em' " - unknown

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