Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey guys it's been a min. buhh lets get back to the subject.. okay so i found out this info via text message and thought it was a lie. ugh I wish it was , so as many of you know Ashley Jewell aka Aj [ Kandi Burruss' ex-fiance ] died after an altercation took place out side of an Atlanta strip club called " Body Tap " . Obviously you can't tell when people are going to die buhh he just didn't seem like he would die so soon.. I was just watching TRHA and I would have never guessed.. buhh we all have to go sometime :( .. It's good that they decided not to get married that would have been horrible.. If you didn't know already Kandi and Aj called off their engagement in August buhh " decided to remain good friends " according to Kandi .. Well I guess mother always knows best.. Because she didn't even approve of him at first.. This was also very sad because Kandi had just experienced the death of her uncle Ralph.. This is what she had to say : "I had spoken to A.J. two hours before I got the call that he was in the hospital. Never in a thousand years did I think it was going to be the last time I heard his voice. He was taken way too soon. There are so many things that I should have said to him, wanted to say to him ... But now it's too late."

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