Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dang Chris..

I unfortunately didn't see the Chris Brown interview when it aired buhh I eventually caught it via YouTube ... You know Chris is my boy and everything buhh I'm gonna have to agree with Harlem Missez [ click on the name ] on this one.. He knew everybody and they momma was gonna watch that to be nosey and find out what happened .. This dude kept saying oh I don't remember what happened and I swore if he said ' WoW ' one more time i was going to slap him through the computer.. ugh Chris ... I personally think that he shouldn't have done the interview .. It seemed like him , his mother , and his lawyer , were getting a little agitated with some of Larry's questions which I think is stupid ... You knew good and well what he was gonna talk about when you stepped foot on that set nobody put a gun to ya head and said Chris you have to do this interview [ I hope not =/ ] .. yeahh .. buhh It's all good I still lovee some CB =]

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Harlem Missez said...

thanks for the shoutout =]