Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shall This Drag on Any Longer ??

Okay I can almost guarantee 99% this will be the Last thing that I post about Situation : Kanye
So as I'm watching Wendy Williams [ How you doin? ] She says that Jay-Z is mad at Beyoncé because he felt that she was being " disloyal " to the camp by apologizing... [ Silence* ] [Crickets*] .... Did he fall and bump his head ??? In what way does he think that Kanye West's behavior was acceptable?? Jay is on my hit list now.. that's just messed up how didn't she [ Taylor ] deserve an apology?? Okay so I think I'm done .. Only time will tell I hope that nothing else develops out of this because I don't know how much more post VMA drama I can take..


Anonymous said...

OOOOh yea JayZ realllly needa check intO a retirement hOme because that niggga gOt sOme isssues! he TOOOOO Old. he musta fORgOt what it is tO be a CIVILIZED persOn. Aint shit wrOng wid what B did fa TaylOr. sO they can suck On datttt. & Kanye really fulllla alll da shit.

[ p.S ] i lOOOOve ya blOg tOOO sweets! keeeep me pOsted.!

Miss.X. said...

WOW. That's ridiculous. Kanye is such a man child and Jay isn't helping him by condoning his behavior! I don't care who they felt should have won but they are just being complete jackasses now. And mad at B?! (sigh)