Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Heyy Guys!!

So i was rackin' my brain trying to think of a topic to write about but as you can tell from my babbling it was unsucessful... so im just going to write about whatever comes to mind i guess lol.. Well here we go...

Did You Know???

Usher & Tameka are divorcing! crazy but they had prob. frm the beg. so not a big shock =/

Drake's New Album is called " Thank Me Later " make sure when it drops you go get it!!!

Tiny and Toya have a new tv show on bet looks good check it out!!

Cassie has a new doo!!!

Well that's it buhh stay tuned in for more updates!!

Make sure you leave comments and tell me what you think about cassie's hair!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WeLL m333...p3rsoNally I think CassI3zZ...N3W dO hAss GoT 2 Go0o..Lik333 um Wat MaD33 h3r Do0o That...WhatZz go0OIN On With th33 woRlD...lolxzZ... ;)