Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damaged Much???

Heyy.. Its been a little while since i written *5 days to be exact buhh back to what i was going to say.. I don't know about you guys buhh i deff. know that i lovedd me some DANITY KANE!!!!
my fave : DAWN =) ..buhh i was completely shocked when Diddy "broke them up" buhh apperently there were alot of problems since the beggining so.. that was a recipe for disaster.. I really loved their music and can't believe that they actually are no longer... Buhh..... yes there always is a "but" i was surfing the internet the other day and there was some rumors that they were getting back together [ don't get excited yet..] yeahh the site i was on [ idk i forgot it sry ] was saying that they had been back in the studio working on their new album which had a name buhh i forgot.. i know bad blogger =( buhh idk if i believe that because we would have heard something.. so i guess that chapter of BAD BOY is OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

At Least We Had A Chance although it might have short-lived to experience their music.. and on that note here is one of my faves!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey...HaVeNtt..Comm3nt3d..oN YoUr..Blo0oG iN LiK3..oV3r...A Y3AR..OR s0o0o...lolxs...:..BUt YEaH..i..Lov3d..th3ir MuSic...Yup (PasT tense)..Im So0o o0ouTy...
*Lov3...AshAy :@