Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July..

Sup Guys??

.. So I know I've been slacking on this blog thing but I've been having some serious writer's block. So now I've found a interesting topic that i will be writing about..

buhh before i start check out drake's new video to : The Best I Ever Had

- me personally the vid. concept is cool but got portrayed in a wack way which makes me hate it overall.. buhh just an opinion ..

Concept : [ according to drake ] "The concept of the video is, I'm a coach at a high school and the girls of my life are all on my high school basketball team, he explained. Throughout the video you see us prepping for this big championship game, and my team ends up losing. You see the looks on their faces at the end of the video, but the moral of the story, I guess, is win or lose, you can still be the best to somebody. When women see the video and see all the breast and ass, hopefully they don't take offense. Hopefully they see the real meaning."

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Topic....

-lol i thought it was funny =)

- Now.. I was going to tell you what my new topic was when i got sidetracked by drake's [stupid] video.. So the topic is [ drum roll please.. ] Chris Brown and Rihanna.. yeahh you saw right lol. We all know that "allegedly" [yeahh okay] Chris Brown & Rihanna got into a heated discussion which lead to things getting a little [ okay.. alotta ] physical.. buhh although this story is kinda old it really isn't because it is having major effects on the world of music STILL... I was so friggen mad and disappointed when MJ had first died and all those artists called into 106 & park i just knew chris was going to be one of them...WRONG.. that was madd dirty compared to how much Chris looked up to him .. and he [MJ] called Chris on his 18th birthday.. Now lets talk about Rihanna .. People are going overboard with this victim thing and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Chris Brown fan I'm saying it because no one was there with them .. no one knows exactly what happened but them two.. granted we've seen the pictures and what he did was wrong I'm not justifying that buhh gosh .. let he who is without sin cast the first stone [ oh yeahh i went there lol ] all I'm saying is I'm ready for things to get back to normal because the BET awards would have been so much better if Chris were there to do a tribute for MJ.. and you know im not lying...

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