Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey Peeps!!!

iight so i might be a lil late with this buhh i was shocked when i found this out.. One of my fave. actors [ actress to be specific* ] is Preggers!! If you guessed Lauren Londen then you guessed right!! Omg i can't believe it and her rumored* bb daddy is Weezy.. idk bout that but they don't look like they would go together maybe its juss me buhh idk..

Ok so this next on kinda had me p.o'ed ....

So apperently Mr.West has been dubbing himself the "King Of Pop" ....buhh as i sat here and got all the facts ( a good blogger always does*] he didn't quite say that this is what he actually said " You know everyone loves and respects Michael, but times change. It's so sad to see Michael gone, but it makes a path for a new King of Pop, and I'm willing to take that on." Buhh still i think it's still a little to early for Kanye to be making plans to take the throne. I was watching tv and the way they made it sound was that Kanye was being disrespectful and just proclaiming himself the King of Pop i was madd as [you know*) when i heard about that and i guess because of his personality [ the tantrum*) I didnt doubt that he would do something like that.. buhh glad thats all cleared up .. buhh
his music is good i lovee me some kanye buhh he has a LONG way to go if he wants to overthrow Mike.

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