Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whats Up???

Heyy Guys i know i've been m.i.a buhh i haven't really had a topic so i've been avoiding the blogging scene.. buhh im back and better than everr!!! lol ok so maybe the same buhh i thought it sounded better.. lol well what i wanted to talk about which you may know what it is you may not.... Chris Brown's Apology... yeahh you knew it was coming .. well okay so i saw the apology during 106 & park and you know i accept it buhh thats just me being a CB fan buhh although i accepted it some people make pretty good points.. I was watching the Wendy Williams Show [ How you doin =) ] and this guy said it was too little too late.. now i kinda agree with that and at the same time as any type of performer under legal council you are advised [ i assume ] not to say anything and im kinda guessing thats what he did buhh he did come out with that video with bow wow so idk buhh we all make mistakes and we have no room to judge so why not give him a second chance... buhh on the other hand Wendy did make a good point she said it sounded rehersed [ true ] and that the only reason he's putting it out is because his album is right around the corner.. i believe some of that to an extent buhh who knows and frankly who cares i just wanna hear from him again =) ....

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And if you've been living under a rock don't worry you can watch it below...

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