Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Can't We All Just Get Along???

Whats Up?? okay so we all know beef is no stranger to hip-hop and sometimes its even quite entertaining buhh idk about this one..Game vs. Jay-Z..have you heard the game diss to J & B?
I think that was kinda dirty.. In the diss he mentions Amber Rose & Chris Brown..last time i checked wasn't she was with Kanye? Chris I love you buhh you gainin' too many enemies... I tell you things just aint the way they used to be.. Wow and at the end [ as im writing im listening to it ] Game goes acapella with more dissing... now this is madd funny so if you havent heard it you can find it below... Please Check this Out.. this junk is hilarious.. i wonder what sparked all this..
Ohhh.. So apperently this all started when Jay started dissing the game on stage from his intro to his album Blueprint 3. well i guess we'll be hearing more about this..

Jay clears up some rumors.... and calls Game a groupie..

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