Friday, August 21, 2009

ATL Drama!!

ohh.. gosh so i tuned in for my weekly dose of ' The Real Housewives Of Atlanta ' and you know from previous shows if ya watch it [ which you should*) lol that Kandi is always in the blogs.. well i have to write about her today.. buhh it's something good!! I feel so bad for her and Aj and by the way he is fine!! buhh foreal though it was mad dirty how her mom got up when Aj sat down =/ .... for all those who are ' TRHA' deprived I'll break it down for you.. Kandi Burress from Xscape is engaged to a guy named Aj and because he has several baby[momma;s] her mother does not approve at all ... and I understand on a level buhh she takin it too far buhh you just gonna have to watch it to know what I'm talkin bout!!!! So tune into Bravo on Thursday and watch it!!!


- ms.juicee said...

i seen this & i was like DAMNNN ( in smokeys voice ]

i thouqht that was mad childish & she need to swallow her biq qurl pill

& accept that her dauqhter loves aj .

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cought a glimpse of that show an laughed. Its mad ghetto LoL! I personally feel Kandi is an "odd ball". She shouldn be on there lol...