Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whole Lotta Drama ...

So as you probably already know Omarion is no longer with Young Money Records buhh what I wanna know is the Truth lol buhh in this case i guess the truth is overrated.. so both sides came via twitter... mack maine said that Omarion was let go .. and i guess this is all due to a track from wayne that got leaked supposedly by Omarion [ which by the way is no longer coming out *officially ) and later on i guess O said that he asked to be released and claimed there was no hard feelings and wished all of his former label mates good luck.. Although he said no hard feelings wondering if we have a new celeb. beef on our hands??? Only time will tell i guess... Aww too bad Bow Wow probably feeling lonely at Young Money.. I don't think we will ever find out what really happened buhh.. whateverrr..


Anonymous said...

Thnxx for my comment :)
Your blog is great !

Futuristic_TomBoi said...

Damn thats crazy! i was lookin foward to hearing from him.
ugh i'm in love with your blog!

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