Monday, August 17, 2009

Well Hey There..

Thought i'd come up with a new way to say.. Heyyy!! lol or maybe not haha. so you all know in the event of not knowing what to write about i do one of two things....

- I rammble on and on about something that has no point kinda like im doing now =)

======> OR <======

- I post random news.. like what im about to do X-D
buhh i guess this time would be an exception where i do both .... so here we go..

Did You Know????

Mr. Lamborghini Moss aka Bow Wow has signed with the infamous Cash Money Records.. now some people are saying this is the worst thing he could have possibly done and some are saying it's the best buhh all I wanna know is what happened to JD and so so def ??

Ok so this is one of my highly anticipated questions .. Will Chris Brown be at the Mtv Awards?? I think Chris has been punished enough!!! lol buhh thats just me buhh we all know how the last award show turned out without Chris [ cough* bet awards cough* ] it was okay buhh you know Chris would have done his thang and I ain't lyin.. buhh i guess we just gonna have to wait till Sept. 13 to find that out .. ohh yeah CB has some new music out look at the next post to hear it!!!

So as you know from phatfffat and broadway [ who you can find in a previous post ] you know that I love funny and talented Youtubers!! So this dude which happens to be one of the if not "thee" sexiest asian i have ever seen =) heyy I don't discriminate lol buhh anyways lets stay on topic so he's mega funny and he's an aspiring rapper you should check him out his name is Tim Chantarangsu or simply Timothy DeLaGhetto.. click on his name to check him out!!!!!

Warning* - you may fall out of your seat due to the funniness* of this next one ..

Flav stopped out to 711 for a late night snack lol i know it wasn't right buhh i had to do it =)

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