Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I have a new addiction -->
lol i was rolling so much today after visiting that site it was ridiculous.. know that i will be posting multiple vids. from there so be prepared to laugh.. buhh that's it for today more posts coming tomorrow promise lol =) I'm trying to stay focused it's not as easy as it seems though ...

oh my gosh i just forgot watch this vid. below.. now you might have seen it buhh this is just to crazy why are they acting like that and where is the parents??? and why is she egging them on??

you'll understand after you watch .. cant believe she recorded this it ain't cute nor is it funny somebody need to call cps... i just watched it again and even more disgusted *ugh..
this is ridiculous buhh imma stop talking and let you watch for yourself... I'm outtie..

* Shakes Head *

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