Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Unfortunatly I was unable to do much blogging yesterday buhh thats okay we gonna keep it moving buhh I do wanna go back to yesterday for a second... As many of you know yesterday was the 8th anniversary of former R&B singer Aaliyah Diana Haughton's death.. As I read wikipedia ( lol yeahh once again ].. I am so upset.. The plane that she was on was 700 lbs. overloaded also the pilot wasn't even qualified to be operating that type of plane and if that ain't bad enough there was traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system... *Shakes Head* Today we live in a cruel and evil world and on a serious note.. let this be a message to all of you guys .. of course I lovee you your myy " -Fresh Followers*; " buhh sometimes people make stupid mistakes and take things for granted and never truely learn their lesson until something awful such as this happens.. so for all of you out there who think your invincible and think stuff like this only happens on tv and in the news think again and really think about the possible consequences of your negligence and also think about how it effects others and not just yourself.. lol now that im done preaching can we have a moment of silence for Aaliyah..

Okay as Junior said in Rollbounce .. Amen, Hallelujah, Lets go!

So Check out " I Miss You " below and just in case you wanna check out that wikipedia page click the link -

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