Sunday, August 30, 2009

- Hottest Blogger of the Month*;

So as I said last post I'd be doing this new thing called - Hottest Blogger of the Month*; which would be featuring the hottest blog picked by yours truely so I'm just gonna go over some quick rules!!


1. You must be a -Fresh Follower*; in order to be picked..

2. The contest will be over Sept. 1st at 12:00 am ..

3. In order to enter you must copy and paste the questions below answer and email them to ..


1. What do you like about -HotTopics*; ??
2. Favorite Post ??
3. Are You Following ??
4. What's your blog's URL ??

** If you could .. please include a photo so I could post it if you were to win .. know that it is not mandatory that you do so ..
Thanks and Good Luck!!!

1 comment:

DRE said...

1. its a fresh new blog concept
2. bow wow and tyra
3. yup