Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Say it ain't so...

Okayy.. So I've heard this for a while buhh I decided not to blog about it because I was hoping that this wasn't true.. buhh i guess its time to accept the fact that Ashanti and Nelly are no longer...*sighs* Apperently Nelly wasn't ready to settle down with Ashanti [ just like a black man ] nahh I'm just joking because not all men are like that and actually he may have be doing her a favor because he's been seen chilling with Melyssa Ford and I would prefer a dude to tell me he ain't ready to be with me for the rest of his life then for me to be stuck in some unhappy relationship and wondering if he cheatin righh?? so yup buhh Although Nelly and Ashanti are in Splitsville there have been spottings of a new couple!!!!

Hosea Chanchez & Tamera Mowery are an item!! I think they look cute together as many of you know Hosea stars on the tv series The Game along side Tamera's twin sister Tia Mowry.. So ya see out of this tragety [ Ashanti and Nelly ] we have a new found couple and hopefully Tamera and Hosea won't be moving to Splitsville any time soon if ever..


Futuristic_TomBoi said...

They never really made a good couple to me

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The_Truth said...

i think shanty is too gud for him