Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey Guys!!

So if you haven't noticed I've gotten some new -Fresh Followers*; and I'm pretty excited bout that so I was thinking of ways to keep -HotTopics*; at it's very best and I've decided to add some new stuff which you will be hearing about soon buhh.. I also wanna mention that one of the new things that will be going on is -Hottest Blogger of the Month*; shortly after posting this I will put something up with more info... Now enough with the blogger crap =]

In Other Newss....

Ashanti looks so cute with her new doo!!!! She was sporting her new look at the Boys and Girls Club " Million Meal Summer " .. She looks happy =]

I think so... ya like it?? Leave ya thoughts!!


Wyatt Ramos said...

lovin the blog as well, follow mine too

downlow said...

Ashanti is gorgeous! This do makes her look younger and more vivacious!!

Really like your blog, lady!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on mine, and referring me to yours.

I'm one of your fresh followers, are you one of my hot followers, yet?

Katlynne LaSalle aka ms down low

nish-lo&nai_dubb said...

i think her new hair style is very cute! =] && it fits her well!

but thanks for checkin my blog!
follow me, im following you =]